Ria Magtoto is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist who has been practicing for over a decade now. She graduated from the Swedish Institute in 2006.  Ria is also certified by Core Pilates NYC to teach Mat Pilates. As a 4 time marathon finisher and former soccer player, she enjoys applying her experience and knowledge as an athlete and a massage therapist to help elite runners, triathletes, and ultra-marathoners  #racepainfree.  She specializes in medical massage therapy, incorporating manual therapy, myofascial release techniques, PNF stretches, trigger point therapy and acupressure points.  Ria is a creative and innovative results-oriented massage therapist who developed a technique for combining Warm Bamboo massage with Structural Integration techniques, allowing her clients to experience a highly effective deep tissue massage that is both painless and enjoyable. Ria will be teaching a Warm Bamboo Massage Technique master class in the spring of 2018 at The Center for the Advancement of Therapeutic Arts (CATA).  Currently, Ria is in finishing up her training to obtain a certificate as an Oncology Massage Specialist. She studies under the faculty of CATA, where the instructors are experienced and skilled professionals who works for the 3 major cancer centers in NYC.  Massage therapy is an effective tool for achieving a variety of wellness goals, such as alleviating stress, easing muscular pain and tension, and increasing flexibility.  Ria is committed to delivering customized massage treatments that help her clients to achieve their wellness goals and feel restored and rejuvenated.

“There is no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are “HEAL”-
— Ed Northsrum